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4.) List any other courses in the area that you have played in the last 12 months.
5.) How satisfied are you, overall, with the Golf Course?
6.) How often do you utilize the Restaurant?
7.) Do you feel that the restaurant staff is trained well enough to be able to address any problems if they arise?
8.) Do you feel like the restaurant staff treat all patrons with respect and always remain professional?
9.) Please rate your overall experience.
10.) Please rate the "Check-in" process.
11.) Please rate food & beverage ordering.
12.) Please rate our course conditions.
13.) Please rate the overall value.
14.) Please rate our carts.
15.) Please rate our locker rooms.
16.) What do you like most?
17.) If you were the person in charge, what improvement in any aspect of the course or our service, would you consider making?
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